Tuesday Bible Study

Women's Bible Study is the most widely attended area of Women's Ministry. We like to call Tuesdays "the day of women" on campus at NCCC. To avoid merely accumulating knowledge of Scripture, we aim to help women understand God's Word in context while prompting them with insight and questions so they can encounter God personally. Transformation is the goal. Bible Study is a great place to find community and friendship too! We offer Bible study throughout the year with a brief break in summertime when we dive into Summer Book Clubs. For women of all ages (16+). 


Fall Bible Study


This Fall we will be studying the book of 1 Thessalonians, thought to be one of Paul's first letters. We'll come together for a meal, worship, teaching, and small group discussions. Click the link below for details and registration! 

Winter Bible Study


Winter of 2019 will bring us into the book of 2 Timothy, most likely Paul's very last epistle. Winter Bible Study is often a continuation of what was studied in the Fall, but any time is a good time to jump into Bible Study. Our program and timing is just like the Fall Bible Study and registration opens mid-November. 

Spring Bible Study

4/23/19 - 5/28/19

Spring Bible study is a 6-week session and we mix it up a bit during this season. Around 6-8 different classes are offered, giving women an opportunity to pick a study or topic they feel best suits them and the season they are in.  Registration usually opens up mid-March. 


Weekend Studies

Saturday Torah Study

saturdays all year | 8:45-10:15am

Are you desiring a deeper understanding of the Old Testament? Do the Jewish laws, customs, and feasts confuse you? Do you wonder where Jesus fits into all of it? If so, this is the study for you. Attend any Saturday you are available and find yourself in awe of the love, wisdom, and magnificence of our God.

Sunday Bible Study

Sept 9th, 2018 - june 9th, 2019

Working women and those attending school often have difficulty making it to a Bible Study during the week. Sunday Bible Study makes a great fit. You can even attend the Sunday 10:45 church service, grab a bite to eat for lunch and then head to class. Check out the link below to find out more!