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Star of Wonder

Guest Speaker: Kim Peterson

How would your kids describe God? What do they think about Him? Do they marvel at the intricacies of His creation? Do they ponder over the mysteries of His word? Do they see Him as the Master Storyteller, having written a living work that encompasses all of time and creation? God has given us an endless well of wonder and minds that were made to worship Him through our imaginations, explorations, and creative pursuits. Are we passing that joy on to the next generation?

Workshops (11:15am-12pm)

“Sowing Seeds of Wonder” with Kim Peterson

Discover more hands-on ideas for incorporating the wonder of Jesus in your home through the use of family traditions, keepsakes, creative projects, and engaging family discussions.

“Standing Firm in Prayer” with Grace Lawson

“Tea & Talk” with the TMC team

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Imparting Family Legacy