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Change Your Thoughts, Change Everything!


Change Your Thoughts, Change Everything!

Lori Hauswirth

Are you aware of just how much your thoughts are affecting all areas of your life?  We are all fed lies that we believe and tell ourselves every day. It is time to tell yourself the truth. The Scripture says; “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Ro 12:2 Come and learn some simple tools and truths to help you in your daily walk.

Lori is a Life Coach at Coaching With TLC (Truth, Love, Compassion) with a mission to help women, young and old, come to know the truth of who they really are. The world is full of lies that dictate who we think we are and should be. Lori’s passion is that we as women would believe the scripture that says; “You shall KNOW the truth and the truth shall set you free.”  Lori is a Christian Life Coach and facilitator for several emotional growth and healing workshops including WomenSkills and TLC for Teens. Learn more about Lori at:



10 Steps to Renewing the Mind with Lori Hauswirth

You will get a very hands-on experience with this practical tool that will completely turn your thinking around to truths, new choices and options on how to respond in healthy ways rather than react to stressful situations.

Testimonies From Motherhood

Join us as a select panel of moms each share 7-minute testimony of God’s hand at work at various points in motherhood. Be encouraged and inspired to hear first hand stories that will remind you that God is always at work, no matter what season you’re walking through.

Mason Jar String Art with Michele Knol

Come enjoy a refueling time of creativity and fellowship.