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Learning to Breathe: The Weary Woman’s Guide to Cultivating Rest


Learning to Breathe: The Weary Woman’s Guide to Cultivating Rest

Marie Osborne

We live in a do-it-all, have-it-all, be-it-all world that tells us to do & have & be until we drop. We are constantly inundated with external pressures and continually battling internal turmoil. With all this hammering away at us on a daily basis, how are we ever going to find rest? Marie digs into our struggles to find rest in the midst of our busy lives and unpacks practical steps to finally finding REAL rest in the knowledge & presence of God.

Marie Osborne is a Bible-loving, coffee-chugging, loud-laughing mom of three. A natural storyteller, passionate Bible teacher, and astute humorist, Marie's messages are equal parts incredibly entertaining and remarkably insightful. No matter the topic or audience, Marie always delivers hilarious and thought-provoking teaching. When she isn't belting show tunes in her minivan or binge watching British TV, you can find Marie on Facebook, Instagram, and at



Overcoming the Overwhelm with Marie Osborne

Being a mom is overwhelming. We juggle so much daily, always trying to find a balance (if only we knew what that actually LOOKED like). It’s hard not to always feel like a failure, like you’re always falling behind, like you barely get the urgent things done and never with excellence and NEVER leaving time for important things like spending time with Jesus or, you know, investing in yourself! Marie shares her own struggles with overwhelm and some practical tools for overcoming the cycle together!

♥ I Choose 2 Live My Best Life with Betsy Ringer

Come and learn how to Identify who you are at your best and worst, uncover the surprise element for being your best self, heal hurry sickness that may be destroying your family, take home a personal action plan to connect, and savor moments and BE YOUR BEST SELF.

♥ Hostess Gifts for the Holidays with Nora Wright

Come and learn some fun, simple ideas for holiday hostess and teachers gifts, as well as some tips on how to conquer Christmas chaos. There will be handouts with ideas and we'll make one hands on gift to take with you.

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