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The Noise Inside

Guest Speaker: Linsey Wildey

Main session

The Noise Inside

In the midst of a full and busy life, oftentimes there are voices that are impacting our hearts and minds - voices that can hit the chords of comparison, fear, shame, and perfectionism. Once we are able to identify these voices we can more clearly hear the whispers of our hearts and God’s heart for us. Join us as we take a look at the “noise inside” and learn how to start listening for the voices that align with the truth of who we are and truth of who God is.

Workshop (11:15a-12:00p)

What Should I do? The Art of Discernment

We are making decisions for ourselves, kids, and our family everyday - some small and some big. Once we do the work of learning about the voices within, we can start engaging in the process of discernment which helps us be more open to how God might be leading us. Join us as we take some time to learn and practice the art of discernment for ourselves and how this practice can flow into the lives of our children.

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