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The Identity Crisis


The Identity Crisis

Rondi Pogue

It's easy to forget that God knows you by name and how significant you are when you're numb with the daily grind.  We will take time this morning to pause and remember whom you belong to and who you are. My hope and prayer is that after our time together, you will be refreshed and feel deeply loved!

Rondi has worked in full-time youth ministry for over ten years. In 2008 she created Unveiling. She initially developed Unveiling as a conference for high school girls in Southern California. She put on three consecutive Unveiling conferences that were highly impactful and well received. In 2014, Rondi began the process of transforming the Unveiling conference into a curriculum to be used by youth leaders so that Unveiling would reach a wider and broader audience. Also, every year since 2013 Rondi has been taking high school and college-age women to India. She trains and equips these young women to teach the Unveiling curriculum to girls their age in India. Rondi loves the sunshine and being active so being raised in San Diego has been the perfect home for her!   She enjoys traveling, especially internationally, and her favorite home away from home is India.  



♥ Recognizing the Identity Crisis in Teens with Rondi Pogue

Learn practical ways to recognize when our children might be experiencing an "identity crisis" along with helpful resources, methods, and conversations.

♥ Struggling with Identity in Motherhood with Margy Hill

You will never have a life like you did pre-motherhood, and that’s okay. But you can slowly start to find yourself again.Your identity isn’t lost, it’s just buried under a myriad of overwhelming responsibilities! The struggle is real, but be set free in the truth of who you are and who you were meant to be.

Watercolor Trees with Malynda Kay

Enjoy a time of hands-on creativity as we learn to paint the basics of watercolor by painting a beautiful tree.