Trust is a one-on-one discipleship opportunity for New Believers – helping new christians walk with God. Pairing a new believer and mature believer together, you will meet weekly to study God's Word, ask questions, learn to pray and more. Our hope is to give you a safe space to learn and grow in your new journey following Christ.


TRUST is for you if you have recently decided to follow Jesus Christ.

TRUST is for you if you are unsure whether you have eternal life and will go to heaven.

TRUST is for you if you are seeking how to know God...

Trust Covers

Trust is customized to each person and situation. It covers: 

  • Your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and what it means to follow Him

  • Fellowship with Christ by reading the Bible, praying and listening to God

  • Living for God through the Holy Spirit

  • Growing as a child of God


“I wanted to tell you that I like TRUST and this book so much. I absolutely love it!”

“Thank you for finding a discipleship leader for me. TRUST has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.”

“Thank you for matching us. God has a plan!”


trust faq's

How do I get started in TRUST?

Contact Belinda Sward at or text or call 858-245-4538, or call the church office.  Belinda will connect with you and then you started.

How long would I be in TRUST?

It depends on your situation. The discipleship is customized to you and your schedule. 


Trust Coordinator

Phone: 858-245-4538

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